“Waves of citizenship, waves of legality”

Project in cooperation with Fondazione Falcone in Palermo, Sicily:

The project aims to reinforce the role of organized civil society in combating and preventing crime and fostering the co-operation between the public entities and civil society, stimulating processes of participative democracy. It will involve participants from 10 countries in activities connected to the promotion of culture of legality, civic commitment and awareness on the role of citizens toward crime prevention. The project is based on 5 main activities:

  1. Cycle of debates with representatives of organised civil society committed to the prevention and fight against organized crime (Palermo, 18–20 May 2015);
  2. Cycle of meeting with different institutional representatives (at local, national and European level) of the law enforcement system and participation to the celebrations and the initiatives connected with the 23rd anniversary of the murder of the judge Giovanni Falcone, killed by mafia (Palermo, 21–24 May 2015);
  3. international seminar on the possible cooperation between law enforcement institutions and organized civil society to combating and preventing crime (18–20 September 2015);
  4. local dissemination of results in each partner country (1st October 2015 – 31 march 2016);
  5. Evaluation meeting (15–16th April 2016).

Preparatory work will focus on the sharing of good practice of active citizenship on and research of local networks active in the fight against organized crime.

Through the involvement of different stakeholders (journalists, representatives of associations, teachers, social workers, law enforcement,..)and the adoption of different methodologies(me­etings,debates,re­flections,wor­kshop),partici­pants will be stimulated to act, as single citizens or as organised civil society, to prevent and fight against this phenomenon. The project will create synergies between the actions of civil society and the work carried out by the institutions, allowing the „cross-fertilization“ between the two perspectives: cultural prevention and fight against crime. Involvement of citizens with fewer opportunities is in perspective of the prevention of juvenile crime thanks the value of volunteering.


Fondazione Giovanni e Francesca Falcone (IT)


Association Young Volunteers Firefighters – Sfera (MK)

Beyond Barriers (AL)

Calistrat Hogas National College (RO)

Fundatia "Calistrat Hogas – 1911 (RO)

Euroopa Projektijuhtimise Assotsiatsioon Portapolis (EE)


ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Eco (GR)

„H2O“-Associação de Jovens de Arrouquelas (PT)

International Solutions (BG)

Visshe Uchilishte Mezhdunaroden Kolezh (BG)

TSS-SMSI „Leonardo da Vinci“ Buje-Buie (HR)

Udruga Agencija Lokalne Demokracije (HR)

International Educational Center GEMS (CZ)