This project has deepened cooperation of the International Education Center GEMS with the host organization Fondazione Falcone, also with local organizations Informagiovanni and eight other organizations from Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania and Greece. The project aims to strengthen the role of civil society in the prevention of juvenile crime and strengthening cooperation between public bodies and civil society, stimulates the processes of participatory democracy. The program consisted of various activities. Participants had a chance to become acquainted with important dates, events and personalities associated with organized crime in Sicily. Participants took part in the lecture with Mr. Salvatore Cusimano, director of the branch at headquarters of state television RAI on the topic of „Perception of Organized Crime and the role of media“ followed by discussion on organized crime and mafia in many angles, from its history to the current situation.
Another part of the Programe included the meeting with the Association of Law Students of Palermo on the topic of what the prevention and methods how to fight against organized crime and especially underlining the importance of the role of civil society.

Among the examples that are present in Italy belongs the Education to Legality for children from the earliest age at school and organization of thematic programs. Furthermore, the emergence of new legislation and remembrance of historical events in the form of commemorative events as for example of 23 May, participants took part in the event in the street procession to the Falcone Tree, for honoring his memory. Also the organizations that deal with fight against organized crime and focus on increasing the involvement of young people in taking active role in the society has been presented. As well as the examples of best practices of active citizenship in all participating countries has been shared and discussed.

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