Project "USTEP"

USTEP – Using Sport To Empower people 24 months‘ strategic partnership project of three organizations form the Czech Republic, UK and Turkey will deal with testing and implementation of good practice in the Youth field, Education and Employability. Project will test and support new approaches to teaching and learning to better support competitiveness and employment.

PROJECT TIME: 1.9. 2016 – 31.8. 2018

MAIN COORDINATOR: International Educational Center GEMS


The key concept of this project is to use martial art and/or performing art to communicate, teach and impart the fundamentals and practical knowledge of social enterprise and entrepreneurship. The martial and performing art is not the main topic, but the tool for communicating both social and business competences. Sport is gentle, non-violent way, how to handle winnings and failure, teach discipline, ability to cooperate and also healthy competiveness. All these skills are stored as a certain program in the brain and are activated when needed. Additionally this project will encourage, support (coach and mental) and track the participants of these project to start up and run their own business as well as connecting them with key individuals in a cross- sectorial environment. Also the project gives safe space in international dimension for young people facing social, economical and geographical difficulties.

ACTIVITIES: International training activities: Martial Art, Performing Art – UK, February 2017, 5 days training

Employability and Entrepreneurship, Online and video CV – Turkey, May 2017, 5 days training

Starting Social enterprise or business – Czech Republic, November 2017, 5 days training

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