Another World in Digital Media

une 8th, 2017, International Education Center GEMS hosted a Social Media Workshop called “Another World in Digital Media“ alongside the trainer and guest-speaker Caglar CALI, Social Media Specialist and USTEP Project Coordinater of Turkey. The workshop was prepared specifically for the needs of USTEP participants from the Czech Republic as to enahce their knowledge on social media, prepare them for the upcoming project activitiy in Istanbul targetting social media topics and last but not least teach them to share their content effectively. The host of the workshop space was a long-time partner of IEC GEMS – GAPE, Highschool based in Prague, students of which also take part in the USTEP project. As for the topics covered during the workshop – the trainer focused at first on examining the knowledge of Media and Social Media of the participants themselves before buidling up in details. The content was delivered in informal and engaging way – using crowd interaction, team work, smartphone games, visual expressions and pear-to-pear engagement. To a great pleasure of the organizers, all the participants evaluated the workshop as very helpfull and all of them stated in their evaluation forms that they learned something new they did not know before. Some of them also expressed their desire and excitement to keep learning more during the upcoming activity in Istanbul, Turkey. Overall, IEC GEMS considered this conducted Social Media Workshop as succesful – it was attended by 8 USTEP participants, 2 organisers and 1 guest-speaker. The outcomes were declared as very useful and beneficial by the participants, and all together a greatly succesful local event for the Czech partner.

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