The Second and Third Part of Project USTEP, Istanbul

The second part of USTEP project took part in Istanbul. Participants had a chance to learn how to prepare their business plan, how to prepare their video CV and Europass, how to present themselves and their plans.

Third training was organized in the Czech Republic 31/01 – 05/02 2018 and the program was prepared by the main coordinator International Educational Center GEMS. The place in Český Krumlov was choosen in concordance with the project activities and training aims. The Study Centre in Český Krumlov is located on the 1st Castle Courtyard and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2015–16 were sensitively rebuilt, using EEA Grants support. After settling down up in the Study Centre the program started with revision of Istanbul activities, revising business ideas and personal achievements. During next days participants were explained about ERASMUS + and other funding possibilities, including International Youth Initiatives, Legal background for entrepreneurship, were introduced to good practice examples of successful business including real practical examples as Caramel dream from Český Krumlov and the guest speaker came to introduce Project management. Participants also spent time by planning their own projects and activities based on previous steps. Intercultural evening was inherent part of the whole training. Except of this part, participants enjoyed local culture including visit to local theatre and outdoor trip to Kleť. During the last training in CZ participants learned:

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