Raicing entrepreneurial capacity of youth for rual development

RECORD – Raicing entrepreneurial capacity of youth for rual development

I would like to thank International Educational Center GEMS for a week full of inspiration in a circle of fantastic young people in a beautiful country. I took part in the training course " Entrepreneurship Education – Fostering youth entrepreneurship in the handicraft and ecotourism sector" – which was in Armenia in the spa town of Dilijan on 12–19. May 2019. The host organization was the Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO YCCD. Really big thank her for the great hosting and interesting program.

Project participants were from four countries: Armenia, Czech Republic, Italy and Georgia. We had the opportunity to get to know the cultures of other countries, and to share different experiences, because we often worked in mixed teams. During our stay, we also visited the famous Hakhartsin Monastery and Lake Sevan.

In our region, there are a lot of active people who think ecologically and are interested in developing the region, which I can now support in this activity. I think it is very important sometimes to get out and look forward to more opportunities.

Thank you Radka Halamová

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